Mondi Wireless WAN & Scanner Solution

The Problem

The client was having major problems putting in data infrastructure that would control receiving & dispatch stock  in to remote facilities that were used to house / store their products before being exported or transported nationally.   

The W-LAN Solution 

We tackled this problem in two ways, the first was to use our wireless WAN products to link up their remote facilities to their manufacturing plant. By doing so we reduced the clients costs dramatically by not having scan servers at each remote facility. Basically we made their remote facilities extensions of their warehouse at the mill.   The second solution we provided was a full wireless LAN backbone in these warehouses so that the client could control their stock movements as they do at their main manufacturing plant.  We installed CISCO Access Points in these warehouses and we supplied this client with handheld scanners that were perfectly suited for their environment.  The scanners gave the client the full mobility needed to receive, pick and dispatch stock throughout the warehouse as we made sure during our site surveys that these facilities would be properly covered with the wireless LAN solution. 


This particular solution has been in place for more than 4 years now and has expanded the clients capabilities.  The client is able to move stock quickly in to new temp facilities should they need to and they are saving costs by reducing the need to install additional servers on site. The scanning capabilities at these facilities are a major factor to the success of our clients business and we have been privileged to grow this solution with our customer and have deployed similar systems nationally.  W-LAN currently maintain and service this infrastructure nationally on a 24/7 SLA we have service level agreements in place to maintain the following Wireless WAN, Wireless LAN, Scanners (handheld, fixed mount holographic & conveyer scanners) as well as all the barcode printers both in the manufacturing plant and the warehouses.